Scholarship Programme & Internships

The Scholarship Programme of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

The promotion of young talent has been one of the founding principles of the FES. The first scholarships were awarded to particularly talented young individuals from a working class milieu who were taking an active part in the young democracy of the Weimar Republic.

For the FES therefore, it is not only the applicants' academic achievement but also their social and political involvement and their personal attitudes that play an important part in the selection process.

Who is eligible?

The FES supports students from public or state-approved universities and from polytechnical colleges. It supports all academic subjects and postgraduate programmes. It is also possible for non-German students to apply for the scholarship programme. They, however, need to study in Germany at the time of application.

In order to find out more about the application process and who to contact please visit the FES Scholarship Department website.

Scholarships for Global Labour University (GLU)

GLU Master Programmes are particularly designed for activists of the trade union movement and labour-related civil society organizations.

The Global Labour University is supported by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Hans-Boeckler-Stiftung (HBS), the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ).

The number of scholarships is limited; endorsement by a trade union and a contribution of 1500 Euro from the supporting trade union or another donor are a prerequisite for a scholarship. This means that without an explicit endorsement and the financial contribution by a trade union no scholarship application will be considered.

The Global Labour University (GLU) network is offering the following Masters Programmes, focussed on sustainable development, social justice, international labour standards and trade unions, economic policies and global institutions:

  • 'Labour Policies and Globalisation' (Germany)
  • 'Labour and Development', 'Economic Policy', 'Globalisation and Labour' (South Africa)
  • 'Social Economy and Labour' (Brazil)
  • 'Globalisation and Labour' (India)

ENGAGE-Programme of the Global Labour University

Trainings Programme at the WITS for trade unionists from around the world takes place from August to September. Language is English.

Deadline ist the 28th February 2016.


The FES Regional Project for Labour Relations and Social Dialogue regularly offers part-time (20 working hours) or full-time internships (40 working hours) to university Bachelor- or Master-level students. Internships generally cover a period of about three months. Upon prior agreement, longer internships may be possible. Please submit your application as much in advance as possible.

1. We expect

  • Familiarity with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and its values;
  • Good knowledge of German, English and a central eastern European language
  • Interest for Trade Union and Labour Relations

2. Tasks and Opportunities

Internships with the regional project consist of assisting in office work but we make a strong effort to personalize the content of the internship and to closely match the interests of our interns with an involvement in current FES project lines.

Tasks include, but are not limited to: logistics surrounding conferences and workshops, writing of conference reports, updates of the website, research, documentation, office administration and support of experts and delegations. Interns may also have the opportunity to do research on their master's thesis during their internship as long as the research topic is deemed useful for the work of the FES regional project.

3. Remuneration

Due to federal German budgetary regulations FES cannot remunerate interns. We therefore strongly recommend that they apply for other funding in good time. There are several options, but the following may be a good place to start:

5. Application

Please apply with the following documents:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of Application, including
    • motivation for application
    • academic field of interest related to the work of the Regional Project
    • envisaged internship period
  • University certificates and certificates of internships or other kinds of work experiences

Please send your documents by e-mail to office(at)

Maróthyho 6
811 06 Bratislava

+421 (0)2 593 08 271


DGB-Jugend/Simone M. Neumann

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DGB-Jugend/Simone M. Neumann


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